Peter Emms

Exploring organisation development through creative communities

Hi there, my name’s Pete and I love developing projects and strategies for improved resilience and organisational growth. Having worked and played in the creative and cultural industries for my whole life, I have an exploratory and imaginative approach to the opportunities of development. This is supported with a well trained critical and analytical perspective, honed over the last 10 years through engagement in Masters level study and data driven decision-making.

Fascinated by – How to plan, manage and strategise for networks and communities; Technological opportunities for organisation development; How to engage people through content; Creative activities and people

Experienced in – Managing creative projects, workshops & events; Co-development of an organisation and culture; Generating knowledge from information and research; Using digital content and information to tell stories

Suited to – Future orientated environments, such as developing organisations or R&D/intrapreneurship

Operating best when – Understanding problems and investigating solutions; Imagining and planning for the future; Observing and analysing ongoing activities; Identifying trends and making connections

Supporting skills – Creative project and event management; Data gathering, analysis and reporting; Web content management

Current focuses – New music technologies and co-creative web platforms; Digital information opportunities for relationship marketing and data supported decision making; New Classical & Techno

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Experience (more detail on LinkedIn):

  • Team Positions – Co-ordinator, Team Leader, Project Manager, Freelancer, 1-of-1000 (Large Plc)
  • Small Creative Organisations – General Management with some experience in all areas: Governance, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Development, Customer Service
  • Large Plc – Data management and analysis, report and contract drafting/editing, digital content production (Currently updating my data skills on this Coursera course)
  • Project Manager –  Music & mixed-creative events, musician training programs, community engagement campaigns, creative workshops
  • Writing – Research/report, creative, copy
  • Web Design & Administration (basic HTML, CSS & currently learning Java-Script and SQL)
  • Digital graphic and communication design (junior level)
  • Music Composition – Score, modern electronic, piano


  • MA – Arts Management (2015/16)
    • Practical: Designing and planning a digital content engagement platform; Project managing and delivering a cultural event
    • Research: Management, policy and strategic decision making; Developing new audiences for classical music; The effects of the internet on revenue streams for musicians
    • Dissertation – A study on the digital business models and value exchange networks for creative music technology platforms
  • BA – Music Technology (2000-2003)
    • Max MSP and other cutting edge music technologies
    • Computer composition for octophonic sound systems
    • Mixed-media sound design and composition 
    • Introductory C++ programming
    • Internet programming
    • Electronic and computer systems
    • Digital signals and processing techniques
    • Acoustics
  • BTEC – Music Technology (1998-2000)
    • Live & studio technology and its applications
    • New creative technologies (early digital transition)
    • Music business

Supplementary Education:

  • HNC Construction & Property (Employer Subsidised)
    • Organisation Management, Building Management, Project Management, Law & Contract, Health & Safety, Environmental Responsibility, Architectural Design
  • Diploma, Music for the Media
    • Scoring Films, Animation, TV, Games, Web; Freelance management practices
  • Level 3 Counselling Skills
    • Advanced People Skills, Listening, Empathy, Self-Awareness

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