Peter Emms

Creative Development

I am currently fostering my skills in project management and organisational development, working with an expanding community music studio while completing my MA Arts Management. I am looking for further opportunities from December 2016 once I have completed my dissertation researching the business models of cutting edge digital music organisations.

Looking for new opportunities starting Dec 2016 onwards

Fascinated by – Creative Thinking; Technological Opportunities; Enabling People as Individuals

Experienced in – Development and Growth; Experiences and Stories; Knowledge and Information; Organisations and Communities

Suited to – Future orientated environments: Developing SME/Non-Profits or Intrapreneurship

Operating best when – Understanding Problems, Investigating the Future, Observing Ideas and Activities, Joining the Dots.

Honestly Struggling at – Memorising Details, Irrational Positioning, Forgetting the Gaps.

Current interests – Music-tech, Health-tech (Wellbeing); New Classical & Techno; Investment & Finance; Data capture, knowledge generation and decision making.

I have worked in various industries, learnt and observed from many different angles and grown up surrounded by fast moving technological developments.

  • I am happiest investigating, developing, designing, planning & managing.
  • I like to watch chaos and build structures.

My obsessive and somewhat anxious work style latches me onto current missions with an intensity that helps myself and teams through a wide variety of projects and challenges. My quiet, focused nature allows others to inform my thoughts, then reflective tendencies, shrewd judgements and conversation mix it all together and filter, seeking value.

I enjoy networking and meeting new people, listening and being curious; though value independence for reflective, thoughtful and focused work activities.

I can lead or be led.

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New Experiences in Storytelling and Organisational Development through Technology 

Having studied Music Technology during the transition from analogue to digital. As one computer was brought into the creative space, and then the creative space was placed inside the computer, I am used to working and learning amidst new creative opportunities for storytelling brought about by technological developments. It’s exciting and challenging to discover new possibilities and see how technology empowers people and creates change and improvements when done right.

I have been lucky to be part of the exploration in business practices that came during the internet revolution, when computers connected creative activities across and between established delivery channels, bringing major disruption and opportunity for new models of organisation and working.

And I have seen the effects of bringing creative technologies in non-creative spaces, allowing a technology supported creative process of exploration and connection to be utilised for new community benefits and social energy.

Generating experiences and working practices through new technologies that support creative development is very satisfying for me.

From Large Organisations to the Aspirations of Growth 

Alongside these creative industry explorations I have worked in a variety of non-creative sectors including running a kitchen for a large PLC in the hospitality industry, and managing information in a water services PLC. These large organisations operated with a focus on the technologies and working practices of information capture, analysis and communication. Somewhat institutionalised into stable and repetitive processes, the large organisations required understanding and knowledge of complex interactions, to empower high level customer experience and productivity.

Moving into the world of micro organisations and small not-for-profits is developing an understanding of how the same fundamental processes of organising work can scale, or indeed shrink. The same focus on customer experience and productivity but now in a constantly changing and updating collection of processes, where working for knowledge generation is more reliant on communication than capture and analysis. Agreement can sometimes be more stable that certain or accurate when it comes to what is known in these situations.

I am interested in the technological developments that can bring the idea of ‘certainty’ back to small organisations as they grow. To be fully certain is as much a fallacy as to think there is ever complete agreement, but the combination of the two ideals of certainty and agreement can work together to enthuse a desire to understand – and this is a powerful place from which to grow any organisation.


The phrase Technology for technology’s sake is an important reminder that operating networks are diverse in resources, from knowledge, to the environment, to physical goods and transactions; but everything we do will ultimately involve people. And everything I do definitely involves at least one person.

One of the more random interventions in my life from technology was a computerised job-match application which assessed my preferences as they stood in one particular moment, and informed me I might make a good counsellor. So with no understanding of what counselling was, I investigated it through a 10-week introductory course, which led to a full year certificate in counselling skills.

I am not qualified or realistically interested in being a practicing counsellor, but the opportunity to develop advanced interpersonal (especially listening) skills through practical sessions with fellow course members, alongside research into the various theories and models for psychological make-up and intervention, has provided great knowledge and ability to support teamwork and team building. All teams are developed from ourselves out, so the opportunity for self-exploration and development of emotional intelligence was also a very useful outcome.

Currently Researching Organisational Models and Innovations in Storytelling and Knowledge Management

Currently undertaking a part-time MA Arts Management, I’m bringing together my interests in the creative industries, organisational design and management, technological development and people as cultures of understanding.

My first year saw an opening semester researching management and the institution of classical music’s struggles to engage new generations of listeners. I then looked into the internet’s disruptive influence on the financial flows for recording musicians. My second semester involved organising a cultural event as Project Manager and team leader of the most enthusiastic millennials I’ve been lucky to experience working with, managing relationships as a small, nimble and enthusiastic creative team, in between two very steady and routinised institutions.

This second year began with Policy and the Creative Industry’s tensions between creative freedom and economic stability. The second semester sees me designing a service and writing a business plan for an internet facilitated content distribution platform, refocusing music as storytelling for groups of people and specific lifestyles. Until December I’ll be undertaking a dissertation researching the technological disruptions reshaping the knowledge generation processes for creative organisations (mobile computing, big data, cloud storage, internet of things), and the new models or methods for strategic and tactical decision making that have developed or are still to come.

Experience (more detail on linkedin):

  • Creative Service Micro-Enterprise/SMEs/Non-Profits – Experience in all areas: Governance, Operations, Finance, Development.
  • Creative Producer/Project Manager –  Music & Mixed Arts Events, Artist Training Programs, Community Engagement.
  • Music Composition – Score, Modern Electronic, Piano
  • Writing – Research/Report, Creative, Copy
  • Web Design & Administration (basic html, CSS & JScript)
  • Simple Graphic Design, Photography & Videography

Imaginative, Logical, Organised, Critical, Creative, Innovative, Inquisitive, Observant, Reflective, Conscientious, Iterator, Loyal, Supportive, Empathetic.


  • MA – Arts Management
    • Practical: Designing and Planning a Digital and Community Music Storytelling Platform; Project Managing and Delivering a Cultural Event
    • Research: Management, Policy and Strategic Decision Making; Technological disruption to knowledge management and the resulting methods of strategic and tactical decision making
  • BA – Creative Music Technology
    • Computer Composition, Mixed-Media Composition, Programming, Electronics, Acoustics
  • BTEC – Music Technology
    • Live & Studio Technology and Applications, New Creative Technologies, Music Business

Supplementary Education:

  • HNC Construction & Property
    • Organisation Management, Building Management, Project Management, Law & Contract, Health & Safety, Environmental Responsibility, Architectural Design
  • Diploma, Music for the Media
    • Scoring Films, Animation, TV, Games, Web
  • Level 3 Counselling Skills
    • Advanced People Skills, Listening, Empathy, Self-Awareness

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